Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogging in English

Blogging is an aspect of English that has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly,  everyone has easy access and is capable of blogging, which would be considered an advantage. Anyone can edit a their posts as many times as they want, and there are tools that make blogging enjoyable but efficient. People can post their work if they'd like, or just talk about anything they want in general because a blog is their own personal space online. Feedback can also be given in the form of comments, which is a useful tool as it can contribute to not only the progression of a writer's skills, but it can also motivate, encourage, and build on their self esteem. An aspect that would be considered disadvantageous would be the fact that not everyone is necessarily comfortable with sharing their thoughts or work online, as much of it can be personal. "It's so useless", is a common statement said by many students for various reasons who would rather do "real work" instead. Another shared quote would be "I don't want to be judged." It depends on the person, and some people have different ways of coping with people's opinions of them. Blogging can make a person insecure, or it might just help the person improve. Others simply consider it a waste of time, and find it a bother. All in all, blogging can have it's own advantages as well as disadvantages depending on the person and how they approach it.

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