Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Similar Characters 
Today during class we had to come up with a character from a movie/show/game/book who wasn't exactly normal, but someone who we could still relate to. Surprisingly, it was one of the hardest things I've done this year, and it needed a lot of thinking. I'm already a huge fan of reading and watching TV, and yet I couldn't think of a single character that was similar enough to me. No one was the same because all of my traits and habits were spread across many different characters. It took me forever (literally, to the last ten minutes of class) to think of someone; I even came up with characters for two of my friends before I found mine. Finally though, from the very depths of my mind, I remembered a girl from a show that I've wanted to watch for a long time but could never find on the internet. 

If you're an anime fan, you'll have to know her. Her name is Kagura, a young alien from a tribe of blood thirsty and violent fighters (although she rejects that part of herself). She came to earth to escape her heritage, and becomes a close friend and companion of the main character. Personally, I think that she's one of the best characters a story could have; she's not a typical heroine and the story is never boring with her around!

Although seemingly normal, she's extremely strong (she was literally able to stop a speeding motorcycle with one hand!) and has the appetite of a cow. She has a sharp tongue, and won't hesitate to speak her mind or insult people, even if they're complete strangers. She's also not above being unladylike (trust me, she can be really disgusting) and is a bit of a tomboy. If you've ever watched Gintama, you would know that none of the characters have any common sense, and the same goes for her too. What constantly amazes me is that she'll generally go along with the story's twisted logic like it makes complete sense, but I guess I've come to admire her for that.

Yes. She actually grabbed her rival's foot and used him as a human hammer.

I said that she rejected her natural instincts as a fighter (really, compared to the members of her tribe she's almost as gentle as a lamb) but she can still be violent, especially towards her rival and anyone who gets on her nerves. And with her strength, intelligence (or rather lack of) and total disregard for holding anything back, it can get pretty ugly when she's mad. But the best part of it is that these characters constantly fail, then make up for it using some crazy/awesome method. Kagura's temper is one reason why she'll always make a good show.

Her being violent though is rarely for a serious reason; it's more often used as plain, straight out comedy which many appreciate. I know I definitely do! But even though she's blunt, naive, gross and aggressive, she also has a mature side and knows when to cut the jokes. Although she doesn't act like it, she really cares for her friends, making her fiercely loyal and determined to protect them.

Basically she's just a super cool, abnormal character who (though I'm nowhere near as awesome) shares several similarities with me. We're both violent, idiotic, food lovers that just love to hang out with our friends and have a good time. I share her lack of common a certain degree... and I generally go along with the flow of things. Although I can't say that we've had the same, crazy adventures, I know for sure that if we'd ever met, we would be great friends.

By the way, she doesn't normally look like that. 

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