Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts on English Class

Ever since I've started English this year, I've loved almost every minute of it. It's nothing like I would have previously imagined, and I have to say that I prefer the way it's run now. I've learnt a lot from these past few lessons- things that I had never realized and actually made me think about how and what I write. One thing I've learnt so far is the "Show Don't Tell" rule, which I think is really important. It means to describe the scene like it's actually happening, to not tell the reader what's happened- to include the reader into your writing instead of talking to them about it. I think that this is a really good rule that can improve my writing during certain scenes and parts of my stories.

I enjoy a lot of things about this class and the methods used to help us learn. We have something called the Round Table, which is when the tables are formed in a way that everyone can see and hear each other. Basically it's a huge, awkward shaped square. But it lets everybody be involved, and that way we can all share our thoughts and opinions with each other.

We also have discussions regularly on different topics that relate to styles and types of writing. I like them because they really make us think, and they're always about different things. We've discussed about love, hidden meanings, what the authors are trying to get across to their readers. I like the discussions, but sometimes I think they take up too much time. At the same time, we learn a lot from them (well, I do) and the thoughts and opinions mentioned can be really valuable.

If I had to change something, it would probably be....I guess nothing. I can't really think of anything I'd like to change. It might seem like I'm being lazy, but I seriously can't find anything that seems wrong or out of place. I'm happy with how class is right now, and I'd be perfectly content if it were to continue this way. I love how there are so many opportunities to show my creativity and ideas, and how we can all help and inspire each other. All in all, I really look forward to English lessons in the future!


  1. " Basically it's a huge awkward square."

    How can we change that? Make it a more interesting practical fun place to exchange ideas?

    1. Actually, when I said that, I meant awkwardly shaped. But thanks for pointing that out, because it kind of seemed like it contradicted what I was saying about it being a really good way for everyone to be involved.

  2. I also like the way we interact in discussions..but i got to admit, it can be awkward at times when no one is talking and we are all staring at each others faces!!