Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Olympics

It never ceases to amaze me with how differently time can seem to flow depending on the events that occur during the middle of it. Sometimes it can seem to drag on for an eternity even if it was only for a few short minutes, and other times it's like you blinked and missed it. Oops.

And while I let my mind ponder about this new idea, I realized that the very program I was watching then related to my thoughts. The London Olympics. I knew it had been four years since the Beijing Olympics took place, but it had still first surprised me when the next one happened in what seemed to me to be less than two years!  It was a little ironic as well, as the three days I spent at the Beijing Olympics felt more like three weeks, while the next four years passed by as easily as a breeze.

It was the same for the London Olympics too. Those mere two weeks dragged on forever, and there was talk about them everyday. All kinds of talk. I heard some people discuss about how it was affecting London and it's people, while the other day I heard another group going on about how there had been far too much unnecessary drama about it.

Well personally, I think that the Olympics are a great idea. Not only do they bring different, diverse communities and cultures together, but it's also a global event that involves everyone. It can build bonds between countries and nations, and it's a place where everyone is equal. Athletes compete against one another, each one proudly representing their own country, while the people of those countries have a chance to come and support them.

There's far more to the Olympics though. It literally affects millions of people across the globe, whether they know it or not. For many, it's nothing but a big event that provides top notch competitive entertainment between different countries. But if you think about it, an event this huge can also change the overall image and reputation of different countries, as well as letting the host country benefit from tourism and commercialization. Many athletes will be able to benefit from the Olympics, and many corporations/companies will have the chance to advertise or sell their products through sponsorship and commercialization.

However, there are down sides to it. Off the top of my head, I can already say that it's bad for the environment. There will be a significant increase in the amount of trash due to any packaging from food to souvenirs. Pollution will also increase because of the amount of fossil fuels used to transport athletes, and building the stadium itself is a major blow to the area surrounding it.

Besides the environment, what about the people in rural areas? While the Olympics is taking place, the people in those areas are completely ignored and neglected. Living in rural areas is already tough enough as it is; lack of jobs, work that doesn't pay enough, crime, danger ect. And while the Olympics is taking place, they are perhaps one of the few groups that don't benefit from them. The government spends all their time and money on maintaining the Olympics, while the people in the rural parts of the world, the ones who really need support, are considered as a second priority.

But overall,  I'd have to say that the idea of a global event being able to unite so many cultures and nations is absolutely amazing. Of course there will be flaws, but in my opinion there are so many more positive aspects that together, will almost make up for it's shortcomings.

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  1. Beautifully written and I love the pictures, adds a nice touch. (Are they Creative Commons? Citations? Next time okay?)